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    The ibuprofen results of the McGettigan and Henry (2011) dose-analysis are presented below (table 6) .
    As with the SOS meta-analysis, the what organ does ibuprofen affect ibuprofen for pain what can happen if you take too much ibuprofen cut-off definition between “low” and “high” dose was determined by the authors of the individual studies .
    For rofecoxib and celecoxib high doses were consistently defined in the included studies as > therapeutic dose of ibuprofen effects of taking ibuprofen daily what are the side effects of too 25mg and >200mg/day respectively .
    The majority of studies for ibuprofen (8/11) defined high doses as more than 1,200 mg/day, whereas high dose for diclofenac was determined as >100mg/day (in 8 of the ibuprofen 10 studies) .
    High dose definition for side effects of taking ibuprofen every day does ibuprofen make you gain weight ibuprofen harmful naproxen was more varied for naproxen (≥ 500mg/day in 2 studies, ≥ 750/day in four studies and >1000mg/day in 4 studies) .
    Significant heterogeneity in these results was reported for most drugs, especially how much liquid ibuprofen can i take does ibuprofen cause bleeding safe amount of ibuprofen to take for high dose ibuprofen and diclofenac .
    Dose response relationship for individual coxibs and NSAIDs included in the meta-analysis by McGettigan et al (2011) Assessment report It was concluded that the meta-analysis by McGettigan et al did not provide very robust information on the effect of dose as the high and low dose were pooled using the cut-off values of how long before ibuprofen takes effect how many days should you take ibuprofen what is the most mg the individual studies, rather than predefined dose levels .

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