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    Do not drink alcohol while you are on clonazepam as it will increase the likelihood that you experience this side effect
    About clonazepam
    Hurtig levering og fuldstændig fortrolighed
    This includes conditions such as psychosis, depression, obsessive conditions, phobias and personality disorders
    This is so your doctor can check on your progress
    In this article
    Speak with your doctor or pharmacist if any of the following continue or become troublesome
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    If this happens, you must tell your doctor about it straightaway
    Your doctor or pharmacist will explain this to you, and directions will also be printed on the label of the pack to remind you about what the doctor said to you
    Clonazepam can make you feel sleepy, especially when you first start treatment
    It will give you more information about clonazepam, and will also provide you with full list of the side effects which you could experience from taking it
    Stopping treatment suddenly can cause problems and your doctor will want you to reduce your dose gradually when this becomes necessary
    If doctor or healthcare professional has recommended lactulose for your child, check the label on the pack carefully to make sure that you give the correct dose for the age of your child
    Constipation is common problem
    Even if your driving ability is not impaired, should you drive, you are advised to carry with you some evidence that the medicine has been prescribed for you repeat prescription form or patient information leaflet from the pack is generally considered suitable
    The table below contains some of the ones which can occur with lactulose
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    Adults should aim to drink at least two litres (about 8 10 cups) of fluid per day
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    It is not digested very well and draws water into your bowel which has an effect of softening stools
    If you are concerned about this, you should discuss it with your doctor
    Take clonazepam exactly as your doctor tells you to the dose will be individualised to suit your needs
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    Some conditions (such as pregnancy) can cause constipation, as can lack of exercise or movement (such as being ill in bed) and some medicinesklonopin uden recept
    It can be taken by adults and by children
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    If you have condition called galactosaemia, where your body cannot process galactose

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